Kallared Juno

Cwrtycadno Cymro-Eyarth Titania-Carwed Charmer
Filly born 2012

Supreme Champion x 2
Årets Sydwelsh

We leased Eyarth Titania from the Eyarth Stud and covered her with Cwrtycadno Cymro, at the time he was with Geert Verbaas in Holland. The result was the lovely Kallared Juno. A very special filly and a big winner in-hand, including Champion and Supreme titels.
We sold Juno to the Lorelei Farm in the USA when she was 3, she was going to stay during Spring to be covered by Eyarth Mowgli, but so very sadly she was injured in the field and had to be put to sleep..

Photo credit Elisabeth Rudbeck
Photo credit Zanne Jedig